ROMA Textil Screens

For the softest shade under the sun - One curtain, many benefits

Playing with Visibility and Shade

ROMA textile screens are convincing thanks to their outstanding sun shading properties. Their functionality is unique: They provide protection against heat while still allowing in enough daylight for a natural atmosphere, also ensuring a good view from the inside out. All this without any additional expenses, since ROMA textile screens are weather-proof and practically maintenance-free. When it comes to creating an atmosphere, they also offer a world of new possibilities.

For the new ROMA zipSCREEN.2 generation, every detail of our high-tech fabrics has been optimised inside out – and we've even come up with an innovative solution for fully glazed corners. zipSCREEN.2 has become the by-word for light, airy sun screening and privacy protection with an outside view.

Sun & Heat Protection

ROMA textile screens filter out up to 98% of the UV radiation and protect living rooms and spaces with their weather-proof and durable fabrics.

Transparency - a Room, a View

As transparent as you like - ROMA textile screens offer efficient sun screening and still allow for an outside view. You decide how much of a view you want. With our high-tech fabrics, everything is possible!

Hail Protection

Thanks to our high-tech fabrics, ROMA textile screens not only protect you from drafts and gusts of wind but also keep hail showers at bay.

Wind Stability

Our special ROMA zip technology guarantees smooth fabric travel every time and - depending on element size and installation set-up - resistance to wind speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Shading for Larger Windows & Surface Areas

The ROMA zipSCREEN.2 is suitable for glazed areas of up to 18 m2 - depending on element size and installation set-up - providing both attractive and reliable shading.

A Modern Design: Visually Discrete but...

...with nearly 200 fabric colours available and a variety of combinations and options, ROMA textile screens can fulfil all your design preferences.


ROMA textile screens offer you a great view outside, without inviting any gaze inside.

Room Darkening

Textile screens by ROMA can offer so much more than just sun screening. With blackout fabrics, you can efficiently reduce room brightness.

Insect Screening

Enjoy warm summer evenings undisturbed thanks to ROMA's zipSCREEN.2 insect screen solution. Our specially designed insect screens provide thorough protection from flying insects.

Convenient & Easy to Use

ROMA textile screens respond to the push of a button. They are easy to program and can operate single elements just as well as groups or all textile screens in the house from a central point.

Quality Made in Germany

Practical, durable, beautiful and user-friendly? It must be a ROMA product! Quality made in Germany at one of four manufacturing sites. It's no wonder ROMA was listed as a "Brand of the Century" at the German awards in 2018.

Front-Mounted Textil Screens

Modern Sun Screening and Design With window areas getting ever bigger, shading is now becoming a design priority - the transparent nature of textile screens enables you to enjoy efficient privacy and sun protection as well as a view outdoors.

Top-Mounted Textil Screens

Efficient and Translucent Sun Screening. ROMA top-mounted textile screens are the latest in textile sun-screening systems. This highly efficient sun-screening systems are mounted onto the window and installed in the opening together with the window.


Countless Nuances of Colour and Transparency. Not only do our high-tech fabrics receive top marks for their excellent sun and glare protection qualities, but also for their unrivalled functionality and a colour range that will leave no wish unfulfilled.


Our textile screens – your individuality Living is a question of personal taste. The same applies to the design of your home. With the ROMA textile screens everything you wish for is possible. And even a little more. See for yourself.

The advantages of ROMA textile screens

State-of-the-art sun protection technology and design in an unprecedented form for windows and facades: Textile screens from ROMA are the new dimension in sun protection. Effective, transparent sun protection, wind stability and the shading of large window areas are just a small selection of the advantages of ROMA textile screens. Find out more about the advantages of the textile screens from ROMA and convince yourself of the diverse design options.