ROMA Roller Shutters

For Protection, Comfort and Cosiness

An All-Rounder at the Window - One Curtain, Many Benefits

ROMA roller shutters can do a whole lot more than just the usual up and down. ROMA roller shutters are intelligent and – if you wish – even fully automated systems that protect against the summer heat, undesirable prying eyes, break-ins, heat loss as well as insects. They are dynamically controllable design elements for façades and provide effective protection against capricious weather. They change the atmosphere and lighting mood of your rooms ever so slightly or quite dramatically.

When it comes to heat protection, roller shutters have great energy-saving potential. In addition, the sturdy roller shutter, especially the aluminium version, provides windows with extra anti-burglary protection.

ROMA roller shutters are a decision based on reason and gut feeling.

Heat Protection & Energy Efficiency

Cost-effective building design means keeping home energy consumption to a minimum. Our roller shutters protect you from the summer heat and when it's cold, you can save substantially on heating because they minimise heat loss through your window.

Room Darkening & Glare Protection (Sun Screening)

ROMA roller shutters let you properly darken you room - for daytime naps, as well as watching your favourite TV without any irritating light reflection on the screen. In addition, our roller shutters protect from over-exposure of sunlight and UV rays.

Anti-Burglary Protection & Security

A closed roller shutter offers real protection against unwelcome intruders. The optional ROMA security package makes your home even more secure.


Privacy at the push of a button: ROMA roller shutters enable you to adjust the intimacy of your home right from the façade. By simply opening or closing your roller shutters, you control the level of privacy you want.

Weather Protection

We care as much about making sure your property keeps its value as about keeping you comfortable in your home. That's why our roller shutters offer you effective protection against the weather as well as an investment for the future.

Noise Protection

Roller shutters provide significant extra protection from outside noise. The exceptional soundproofing properties of our high-quality, environmentally friendly foam-filled profiles guarantee you a perfect night’s sleep.

Insect Screening

ROMA roller shutters offer the pleasant comfort of an optional fully integrated insect screen, enabling you to keep annoying pests at bay in one easy operation.

Convenient & Easy to Use

ROMA makes operating your roller shutters as easy as can be. Simply choose the type of operation that suits you best.

Contemporary Design & Colours

All ROMA roller shutter systems stand out from the crowd thanks to their multiple design options. We’re sure to have a roller shutter to match the style of your home, whatever shape or colour is required.

Quality Made in Germany

Practical, durable, beautiful and user-friendly? It must be a ROMA product! Quality made in Germany at one of four manufacturing sites. It's no wonder ROMA was listed as a "Brand of the Centurv" at the German awards in 2022.

Front-Mounted Roller Shutters - Energy-Efficiency

Front-mounted roller shutters are mounted in front of the window; this avoids thermal bridges Advantage: lower energy consumption, minimal environmental impact, lower costs and also greater comfort in the home.

Top-Mounted Roller Shutters

The Perfect Top-Mounted Solution for Your Window. ROMA top-mounted roller shutters are fitted onto the window at the same time as the window is installed in the opening. This technique is particularly advantageous in terms of thermal insulation.

Angled Roller Shutters

TRENDO from ROMA – for Angled Windows. There are very few cases where roller shutters cannot be installed. ROMA even offers you sophisticated solutions for angled windows.

Roller Shutter Profiles

Made with Aluminium and Expertise. All our roller shutter profiles are designed for durability. Whether it is ALUMINO, ALUMINO protect or PVC – at ROMA quality always comes first.

At a Glance

The Advantages of ROMA Roller Shutters

ROMA roller shutters are all-rounders through and through – there are a whole host of advantages to prove it. Whether you need protection against the summer heat, noise, prying eyes and break-ins, or you want to save energy, create a certain light and have a versatile design, ROMA roller shutters will not disappoint. Find out more about the benefits of ROMA roller shutters here.