ROMA External Venetian Blinds

Continous Daylight Regulation

Comfort in front of the window - for an attractive and customized facade design

ROMA venetian blinds are extremely effective sun-screening systems offering the best in design and functionality. The tilting aluminium slats adjust the amount of daylight and shade to suit you whatever the time of day and whether you're working or relaxing.

The advantages of our external venetian blinds become glaringly obvious when they adorn large glazed areas on open and transparent architecture. The sun's rays are reflected by the aluminium slats and overheating in rooms is reduced by 75%! The fine-tuning options strike a perfect balance between glare control and indoor privacy.

Daylight Control/Filtering

Windows form an essential interface between interior and exterior. They should allow in as much light as possible, yet at the same time preserve our privacy. This is were ROMA's external venetian blinds come into play.

Modern Design: Façade Designs & Colour Scheme

External venetian blinds offer ultra-modern sun screening and a stylish design feature for façades. The ROMA colour collection is also available for your external venetian blinds, enabling you to find the perfect hue for your façade.

Glare Protection

External venetian blinds offer efficent glare protection. At ROMA, we offer different shaped slats for different configurations, along with a daylight technology that allows light in through the topmost slats while the remaining slats block it out.

Room Darkening

Do you want light control and a view of outdoors but also the option of darkening your room? ROMA external venetian blinds open up a whole range of light control possibilities. Programme your sunrise and start the day with ROMA external venetian blinds.

Heat Protection & Energy Efficiency

Cut your air conditioning costs right back with ROMA’s externally installed venetian blinds and boost your feel-good atmosphere.


External venetian blinds can let in an optimal amount of light and also prevent prying eyes from peeking inside your own four walls. But can this be done at the same time? Yes, thanks to ROMA's daylight technology.

Insect Screening

ROMA venetian blinds offer the comfort of an optional-integrated insect screen that keeps annoving insects at bav.

Convenient & Easy to Use

With options such as a fully automatic control system, a sun sensor and a wind monitor. invite comfort and convenience into vour home.

Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds

Comfort in Front of the Window. Our ROMA front-mounted external venetian blinds - with endless design possibilities - can impress you with savings on energy by avoiding the problem of thermal bridges above the window often caused by standard boxes.

Modular External Venetian Blinds

The Ideal Combination. The MODULO external venetian blind system from ROMA combines the advantages of a front-mounted system and classic façade venetian blinds - with the most effective sun protection with stress-free façade design – even for renovations.

Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds

Windows and Blinds Become One. Whether for private or commercial buildings, new constructions or renovations, ROMA top-mounted external venetian blinds are suitable for all types of window; mounted directly onto the window, invisible in the façade.

Façade Venetian Blinds

For an Attractive Façade Design. Need an all-in-one solution that offers climate control, light control and an attractive façade design? ROMA façade venetian blinds are a compact, technically advanced solution for the outside of your windows.

Slats of External Venetian Blinds

Conceived for All Weather Conditions. Direct exposure to sunrays with high temperatures in the summer and freezing cold with ice and snow in the winter: The slats of external venetian blinds are exposed to high loads - that’s the reason for aluminium slats.

At a Glance

The Advantages of ROMA External Venetian Blinds

Filter the sunlight coming into your rooms. ROMA external venetian blinds provide shading, protect you from prying eyes and filter the daylight to suit your needs. Enjoy relaxed living while your intelligent sun-screening solution provides you with a perfect balance between seeing out and not being seen from the outside.